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Our Approach

Simply put, I will help you with one thing. . . to stop the chaos, ditch the drama and figure out all this relationship stuff, once and for all so that you can be crazy happy! Remember happy?

What does “’Happily Ever After’ . . . The REAL WAY!” Mean?

When it comes to conflict and struggle with friends, family members, other professionals, romantic connections, and even yourself you don’t have to stay stuck. There is a way out. Our unique 7 step methodology will bring you relationship clarity and strategies to reclaim your time, energy and most importantly your happiness.


1Our unique methodolgy begins here because you must have clarity regarding your core issue(s) before you are able to start making lasting changes. At the end of this step you will not only have the answer to the dreaded question “Why did I do that?” but that light bulb above your head will be full spectrum bright!


2 What makes you unique, works both to your benefit and at times to your detriment. Often in stressful situations the worst of us comes out. Here we will dig out those x-ray spy goggles and figure out what’s been hiding. In this step you will build greater self acceptance and gain insight into all of who you really are so you can use it to your advantage consistently.

Step 3: Develop Acute AWARENESS

3Here you will become “bright eyed” and maybe even “bushy tailed.” In this step you will become aware of your specific patterns, habits and strategies that you utilize in your relationships. You will be able to evaluate which ones work and which don’t. You will then gain replacement strategies that will efficiently and effectively improve your relationships.

Step 4: Cultivate Deep UNDERSTANDING

4 We all react in relationships for a variety of reasons. We will “blow the lid off” that reactiveness and get to a deep understanding of what’s underneath it. Then you will learn techniques to better manage it so that you can choose actions that will work in your favor.

Step 5: Accelerate Clear DIRECTION

5Everyone of us gets off track and lost during times in our lives in which we experience constant struggle and conflict. We become disconnected from others but more importantly from our selves and what really matters to us. Clear direction along with step by step actions is the focus of this step. By the end, your GPS will be up and functioning.

Step 6: Accumulate SPECIFIC SKILLS

6 More often than not, when conflict increases, our communication skills decrease. You will gain confidence as well as some tricks, tools and specific skills to create the postive outcomes you desire even in difficult situations. We will get your tool belt filled and strapped on tightly!

Step 7: Discover Dynamite STRATEGIES

7Feeling understood is not only important to us but is also important to those we are in relationships with. In this final step you will receive strategies that will allow you to better understand the other person, and to also take action steps that will bring in fun, fillfullment and happiness. At this point you will be a total Relationship Ninja!!

What you will get working with Deborah, an expert with 20 years perspective, is support and guidance so that you can laser in on your core issue, solve it permanently and reclaim your time, energy and happiness in your personal, professional and romantic relationships.

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