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How To Fix A Sucky Relationship (Part 2)?

There are lots of reasons a relationship is “Sucky”. In Part 2 we are talking about fears, permission, and decisions.

Sometimes the scariest thing in life is to take a leap into the unknown. In order to move towards a GREAT relationship you will need to make an intentional decision and commitment to do what it takes to get from sucky to great in your present relationship.

In this video I will show you the steps to do just that. It starts with understanding your fears, then challenging the thoughts that keep you stuck and finally making a clear intention of what you desire.

You will learn the two steps in order to help you create that clear intention. What is amazing about us as human beings once we make a true commitment nothing can stop us from getting from here (sucky relationship) to there (our dream relationship).


In Part 3 you will learn 4 steps to take to move yourself and your relationship forward.

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